Saturday, January 19, 2013

Predict-o-Gram Freebie

This week, I learned a new word study strategy from my Foundations of Reading class.  It's called Predict-o-Gram.  The idea is that when a handful of familiar and unfamiliar words are presented to students, they predict where they will appear in the book to be read.  This helps students to think about the context.  I made a little freebie to demonstrate this strategy Here  (Does anybody know how to link to the document with the image??)

Steps for using this strategy:
1.  Decide on 6 - 10 words from the book, which are important to the understanding of the text.
2.  Show them to students, and use them in context.  (You could have students turn-and-talk to use them in sentences with a partner).
3.  Have students predict whether the words will be used to describe the characters, the setting, the problem or the solution, and place them on this recording sheet. 
4.  Adfter reading, confirm if predictions were correct. 

This could either be used in a large-group mini-lesson, or in small-group guided reading. 

Note:  Some of this information was paraphrased from Figure 8.11 on P. 262 of Nettles (2006) Comprehensive Literacy Instruction.  Enjoy!


  1. I love words and just found your blog through your comment What a fun way to share vocabulary with students.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I found your blog through a comment on another post. I like what you have students do here. I'm always looking for new ways to have students play with vocab words they'll be seeing. Sometimes I have them pair the words together and make predictions about two words at a time. Then they make a final story prediction. But I like how you have kids put words into the structure of the story. Good stuff, and an idea I will use.
    Thank you!